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Central Michigan AYSO Region 862

Player Equipment

Equipment -What Players Need

Be sure to supply your player with water or sports drink at all practices and games. Pop or other sugar drinks are not recommended before or after games

A uniform consisting of shirt, shorts and socks is purchased with link below; this may used over mutliple seasons. You are responsible for taking care of the full uniform. For the safety of the children, no names may be put on the back of the uniforms. Any and all other apparel (coats, sweatshirts, pants, etc.) must be worn underneath the uniform.

Soccer Shoes (Cleats)
Are not required, but strongly suggested. Soccer shoes must have rounded cleats with a flat head. No toe cleats. Cleats must be made of molded rubber, polyurethane or plastic.

Shin Guards
Shin guards must be worn at all practices and games. They must be made of a high impact material and must be of proper length: from just under knee to just above the ankle. All issued socks must entirely cover the shin guards. 

Players SHALL NOT WEAR anything that is dangerous to another player or themselves. All casts and splints (without exception) are prohibited in all AYSO practices and games. Padded knee braces are acceptable.

NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED. This includes rings, watches, chains, necklaces, earrings, hard pony tail holders and barrettes as these items may cause injury during play.

Soccer Ball Size
The proper size is important for learning good ball control and are as follows:
Playground, 6U, 8U: Size 3
10U, 12U: Size 4
14U: Size 5

It is strongly recommended that the player’s name be put on their ball for identification, as many balls look exactly the same. Please bring your child’s ball to every practice.

Practice Information


It is important that players attend practice. When you sign up to play AYSO soccer, you have agreed to attend practices regularly and help the coach build a team for the enjoyment of everyone. Practice is fun – it’s where players learn the skills, strategies, and teamwork necessary to play the game. Please let your player’s Coach know when your player will miss a practice or game.

Team practice dates and location are determined by each individual coach. The best way to have input into the location, date, and time of practices is to Volunteer as a Coach.

Each player must have a soccer ball to use for home and practice. It’s a great idea to put your player’s name on his/her ball using permanent marker. For ball sizes see above for each age division..

Players MUST wear shin guards to practice or they will NOT practice. Also, just as with games, players shouldn’t wear wrist-watches, earrings, barrettes, metal bracelets or any other object that could injure the player or others.

Parents – please don’t rely on the coach to baby-sit, he/she has a family and other obligations too. If you don’t stay at practice – make sure you drop your player off and pick them up ON TIME.

Safe Haven

We take safety seriously. AYSO’s Safe Haven program has been put in place to protect AYSO players and the volunteers who serve them. Under the rules of this program, AYSO requires that each volunteer complete and eSign a volunteer application each and every year, including agreeing to background checks and to abide by the philosophies and policies of AYSO.

Our volunteers are also asked to complete Safe Haven courses and job-specific training in order to become certified. AYSO in-person and online training focuses on the best ways to work with children and important safety protocols.

Additionally, every AYSO Region is required to designate a volunteer to act as the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA). A CVPA helps implement Safe Haven policies at the local level.

The AYSO Safe Haven program was the first of its kind in youth sports, most notably in soccer. We continually strive to create a safe environment for our players and volunteers, so they can enjoy a happy and healthy soccer experience.