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St. Johns 2018-2019 Coaches

U6 G SJ A Ashley Murray 989-763-7762 [email protected]

U6 B SJ A Heather Hager 517-614-5749 [email protected]
U6 B SJ A Elizabeth Pelletier 517-896-2946 [email protected]
U6 B SJ B John Hazle 231-629-0311 [email protected]
U6 B SJ C Kurt Sperry 517-285-8610 [email protected] 

U8 B SJ  A      Gina Gibson 517-243-6467 [email protected]
U8 B SJ B       Fawn McCarty         517-206-8400          [email protected] 
U8 B SJ B James Matice 517-231-0576 [email protected]
U8 B SJ C Kelly Reck 517-204-3882 [email protected]
U8 B SJ D Russel Melton 517-490-8882 [email protected]

U8 G SJ A Matt Starkweather 517-599-2354 [email protected]
U8 G SJ B Joseph Otori 765-609-1403 [email protected]
U8 G SJ B Chris Thompson 989-292-3127 [email protected]
U8 G SJ C       Andrew Murray       989-763-7764          [email protected] 
U8 G SJ C Ashley Murray 989-763-7762 [email protected]

U10 G SJ A Neal Spitzley 517-231-2305 [email protected]
U10 G SJ B Megan Swartout 517-819-0514 [email protected]

U10 B SJ A Russel Melton 517-490-8882 [email protected]
U10 B SJ A Lindsay Weismiller 517-897-6536 [email protected]
U10 B SJ B John Hazle 231-629-0311 [email protected]
U10 B SJ C William Wentworth 989-640-4199 [email protected]

U12 B SJ Jessica Salters 517-819-9989 [email protected]
U12 B SJ Russel Melton 517-490-8882 [email protected]

Dewitt 2018-2019 Coaches

U8 G DW A Jackie Schafer 517-204-5007 [email protected]
U8 G DW B Daniel Krason 517-488-4820 [email protected]
U8 G DW B Matthew Shields 989-992-8173 [email protected]
U8 G DW C Liberty Torrence 517-202-5470 [email protected]
U8 G DW C Carrie Yunge 517-980-3461 [email protected]

U8 B DW A Bethany Schult 517-897-5152 [email protected]
U8 B DW B David Brown 616-841-5136 [email protected]
U8 B DW B Gary Branch 517-214-3637 [email protected]
U8 B DW C Kevin Holt 517-281-5646 [email protected]
U8 B DW C Evan Burt 231-740-2369 [email protected]
U8 B DW D Bradley Wever 517-281-9010 [email protected]

U10 G DW Melany Hagle 517-927-8118 [email protected]
U10 G DW Kate Zimmerman 517-388-3963 [email protected]

U10 B DW Jeff Parker 517-243-2826 [email protected]

Ovid-Elsie 2018-2019 Coaches

U6 G OE Brittney Darling (
989) 245-0163     [email protected]
U6 G OE         Dan Martin          (989) 666-3219                   [email protected] 

U8 B OE Jeff Howe (989)721-0897      [email protected]
U8 B OE Craig Thelen (989) 640-1645      [email protected]

Laingsburg 2018-2019 Coaches

U6 G LB Karen Nickols (517) 230-7487               [email protected]  
U6 B LB A       Allison Adams         (517) 285-2769               [email protected]
U6 B LB A       Jackie Holton          (517) 896-8868               [email protected] 
U6 B LB B  Robert Rein (248) 703-3478     [email protected]

U8 G LB A James Pratt (517) 749-0894    [email protected]
U8 G LB B Dinael Jury (989) 277-4519     [email protected]
U8 G LB B Rodney Ellsworth (989) 277-5031    [email protected]
U8 B LB A Benjamin Phinney (517) 303-4997    [email protected]
U8 B LB B Jason Mills (260) 570-6931    [email protected]
U8 B LB C Stefanie Luna (517) 977-2090    [email protected]

Bath 2018-2019 Coaches

U8B Bath A: Steve Torok (517) 648-3717   [email protected]
U8B Bath B: Phil Harlan (517) 930-3542    [email protected]
U8B Bath C: Susan Kubicek (517) 214-1931    [email protected]

U8G Bath A: Carolyn Hoard (810) 223-5960    [email protected]
U8G Bath B: Stephen Brimley (517) 862-1388    [email protected]
Assist, Coach: Rachel DeSantis (517) 256-8179   [email protected]
U8G Bath C: Richard Barry (517) 488-9615   [email protected]
U8G Bath D: Jon Allagier (269) 779-6660   [email protected]
U8G Bath E: Todd Emerson          (517) 977-7391   [email protected]
Assist Coach: Adam Dombroeski (517) 285-6593   [email protected]

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