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Central Michigan AYSO Region 862

2022-2023 Coaches

Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Coaches


U8 Boys: Team A: Coach Gauss 586-855-8130
                Team B: Coach Murray: 813-323-5291
 .              Team C: Coach Stevens 989-277-0993 
U8 Girls Team A: Coach Sullivan 517-908-5052
               Team B: Coach McIntosh: 517-881-2539

U10 Boys Team A: Coach Pendergrass: 810-444-5972
                                 Coach Dontje: 517-231-7288
                  Team B:  Coach Kibbey: 517-282-1459

U6 Girls

U6 G OE Courtney Eppard [email protected]  (989) 403-8316
Asst. Wesley Eppard [email protected]
U6 G OE-LB Misty Rademaher [email protected] (989) 494-9433

U8 Boys
U8 B OE A  Miranda Brown [email protected]  (517) 499-2949
Asst. Thomas Richardson [email protected] (989) 388-7810
U8 B OE B  Erica DePond [email protected] (517) 449-9212
Asst. Molly Call [email protected] (517) 420-3937

U8 Girls

U8 G OE A Frank Barretta [email protected]  (586) 484-5808
U8 G OE B Megan Montes [email protected] (989) 413-2217

St. Johns:   
U6 Girls

U6 G SJ Andrew McDonald [email protected] (989) 403-2568

U6 Boys
U6 B SJ A Jeremy Riley [email protected] (906) 282-731
U6 B SJ B Nicholas Powelson [email protected] (517) 410-4465

U6 B SJ-OE Devan Munson [email protected] (989) 277-6236

U8 Boys
Jessica Norris [email protected] (989) 640-5114
Kaycie Strawn [email protected]
U8 B SJ B Joshua Francis [email protected]  (989) 332-4563
U8 B SJ C  Andrew Kolp [email protected] (517) 449-4334
U8 B SJ D Cynthia Atkinson [email protected] (989) 640-7857
U8 B SJ E Teisha Schmitt [email protected] (517) 290-2648

U8 Girls

U8 G SJ A Erika Brown [email protected] (989) 640-0811
B  Matt Starkweather [email protected] (517) 599-2354

U10 Boys

U10 SJ Dan Simon [email protected] (989) 964-1944
U10 SJ
-OE  JR-Larry Pearce [email protected] (989) 307-8238

U10 Girls
U10 SJ A
Jacob Sternburgh [email protected]  (517) 281-7861
Asst. Joseph Woodruff [email protected] (517) 775-4474
U10 SJ
B Susan Peters [email protected] (517) 899-5447

U12 Coed
U12 CoED SJ Ben Theile [email protected] (517) 719-9716
Erika Brown [email protected] (989) 640-0811

DeWitt and Laingsburg:

Dewitt 2022/2023 Coaches
U6 Girls
U6 G DW ARyanGray[email protected]517-449-6185
ScottCornell[email protected]517-285-3775
U6 Boys
U6 B DW AKyleSchutte[email protected]
U6 B DW BAshleyDodson[email protected]517-897-2212
U8 Girls
U8 G DW AMonicaFoster[email protected]517-749-5825
U8 G DW BChloeSilm[email protected]517-896-4517
U8 G DW CKyleWeitekamp[email protected]269-760-3968
U8 Boys
U8 B DW ARobertJock[email protected]586-747-1853
U8 B DW BChristineThelen[email protected]517-819-0317
RebeccaGriffes[email protected]517-285-5078
U8 B DW CMikeWitt[email protected]517-230-4277
U8 B DW DJustinOlson[email protected]517-290-4042
U8 B DW EKimJorns[email protected]517-899-2611
U8 B DW FNicholasLorenzen[email protected]
U10 Boys
U10 Boys DW ATomCampbell[email protected]313-300-7698
DanielleThompson[email protected]517-749-2286
DanKenemer[email protected]
U10 Boys DW BRossGinter[email protected]517-230-9974
AlexSalisbury[email protected]517-862-7243
U10 Girls
U10 Girls DWKaelaHumm[email protected]989-621-2353
U12 CoEd
U12 CoEdMaryReynolds[email protected]586-216-9820
U14 CoEd
U14 CoEdTracyCullinan[email protected]989-388-6631

Laingsburg 2022/2023 Coaches
U6 Boys
U6 B LB ACourtneyBrooks[email protected]517-643-0979
U6 B LB BKelciTurner[email protected]517-803-1948
U8 Boys
U8 B LB AJeremySimon[email protected]586-703-7798

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