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Central Michigan AYSO Region 862

2022-2023 Coaches

Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Coaches



U8 Girls
Team A: Evan Dontje-517-231-7288
Team B: Erinn Hadley- 517-862-9449

U8 Boys
Team A: Brice Stevens- 989-277-0993
Team B: Carolyn Hoard- 810-223-5960

Ovid-Elsie: 23-24                                                                                                             

U6 Boys

U6 B OEA Wesley Eppard [email protected] (989) 307-9736
Asst. Courtney Eppard [email protected] (989) 403-8316
U6 B OEB Cale Weller [email protected] (989) 721-5217

U6 Girls

U6 G OE-LB Megan Montes [email protected] (989) 413-2217
Asst. Dan Montes [email protected] (951) 751-2955

U8 Boys
U8 B OE A  Chelsey Goodrich [email protected] (989) 627-7766
U8 B OE B  Devan Munson [email protected] (989) 277-6236

U8 Girls
U8 G OE A  Megan Montes [email protected] (989) 413-2217
Asst. Dan Montes [email protected] (951) 751-2955

U8 G OE B  Frank Barretta [email protected]  (586) 484-5808
Asst. Hillary Ackerson [email protected] (517) 282-6190

U10 Boys
U10 B OE Heather Thelen [email protected] (989) 388-1521
Asst. Miranda Brown [email protected] (517) 499-2949

St. Johns: 23-24                                                                                                              
U6 Girls

U6 G SJA Joseph Baxter [email protected] (269) 808-1353
U6 G SJB Rich Kettles [email protected] (517) 930-1601

U6 Boys
U6 B SJ A Matthew Kelsey [email protected] (989) 307-3887
U6 B SJ B Erikica Ireland [email protected] (989) 472-6155

U8 Boys
Cynthia Atkinson [email protected] (989) 640-5114
U8 B SJ B Jacob Sternburgh [email protected] (517) 281-7861
Asst. Jami Thelen [email protected] (517) 281-9133

U8 B SJ C  Angela Thomas [email protected] (517) 275-2238
U8 B SJ D Mary Sharp [email protected] (517) 402-2149

U8 Girls
U8 G SJ A Stephanie Brook [email protected] (517) 420-2720
U8 G SJ B  Jon Slack [email protected] (810) 986-9257

U10 Boys

U10 SJ A Carrie Ross [email protected] (989) 640-1006
U10 SJ
 B Caleb Thurston [email protected] (989) 307-0379
U10 SJ C Caiden Gambosi [email protected]m (517) 515-8289 

U10 Girls
U10 SJ A Lindsay Weismiller [email protected] (517) 897-6536
U10 SJ
B Wyatt Gove [email protected] (989) 307-3038
Noalyn Gove [email protected] (989) 307-9513

U12 Coed
Tracie Cullinan [email protected] (989) 388-6631


U6 Girls
U6 G DW A Taryn Wegenke 810-247-5645 [email protected]
Ryan Wolfe 989-621-4176 [email protected]

6 Boys
U6 B DW A Krista Minott 989-534-1283 [email protected]
Justin Rappaport 989-239-9731 [email protected]

U8 Girls
U8 G DW A Mark Reynolds 586-216-9820 [email protected]
U8 G DW B Tyler Blake [email protected]

U8 Boys
U8 B DW A Paul Clark 517-282-7299 [email protected]
U8 B DW B Christine Thelen 517-819-0317 [email protected]
Randee Toomey 517-819-5508 [email protected]
U8 B DW C Ben Curtis 517-740-8260 [email protected]
U8 B DW D AJ Weissler 417-894-6686 [email protected]
U8 B DW E Jeffrey Skerratt 517-604-8127
[email protected]

U10 Boys
U10 B DW A Bobby Jock 586-747-1853 [email protected]
Jeff Triezenberg 616-719-9965 [email protected]
U10 B DW B Tom Campbell 313-300-7698 [email protected]
U10 B DW C Dan Kenember 231-357-3303 [email protected]

U10 Girls
U10 G DW A Ryan Wolfe 989-621-4176 [email protected]
Becky Campbell 517-414-2684 [email protected]

U12 CoEd
U12 CoEd Tim Good 989-277-3602 [email protected]
Chris Hansen 517-712-6585 [email protected]
Mark Reynolds 586-216-9820 [email protected]


U6 Boys A Samantha Schaaf-Shepherd 517-899-2271 [email protected]

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